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Stay on Compass Mastership

Inner Compass Mastership Programs provide resources and tools that will support you, giving greater clarity on your transformative path.


Anchor your purpose and your authentic self. Consciously create and bring forth the truth of who you are.

Individual mentorship

Create Your Own
Individual Mastership Program

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Now is your time to reawaken your soul, create the truth of who you are and bring your authentic self into our world. My intention is to guide and empower others as they consciously reawaken the truth of who they are in higher consciousness and in sacred oneness.  We will develop a collaborative relationship that  will support and empower you.   You will receive resources and tools that will giving greater clarity on your transformative spiritual path.    

An Individual Mastership Program includes:

  • Sacred space and shared time

  • Meets monthly 60 minutes virtually or in-person

  • Resources, tools, experience, and knowledge 

  • Action planning to build upon your personal goals

  • Email and on-going support relevant to your goals​​

  • ​A mentor always has time for you

  • Minimum of three-month commitment

  • We will intentionally focus on you and your intentions 

Be ready to expand and elevate knowing that the universe supports you.  This mastership is for anyone who has received a Reiki attunement, placement or ignition from any teacher/lineage or healing/energy modality. Come and join us. Come together and unite with others  We are not  meant to do it alone. 


Connect with Ruth Ann if you have questions and to sign up for the Stay On Compass Mastership.

Why choose a Mastership program?

  • Learning together from experiences

  • Deepen your practice

  • Supports you to make decisions faster and with clarity

  • ​Using information to improve upon and transform

  • ​Staying on compass with moral codes and intentions 

  • ​Building a network of connections

  • Creating an plan of action 

  • Team to collaborate

  • Evolves and expands over time

Be ready to expand and elevate knowing that the universe supports you.

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"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher parts of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden to your own view."
- Oprah Winfrey
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