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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve heard of Reiki, but what is it exactly?

A:  Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that brings and enhances a sense of well-being through universal life force energy and gentle touch for the purposes of healing. Simple answer, Reiki helps us to re-discover balance, health, our true nature, and our own unique brilliance.  Reiki supports the body's own natural healing process. 

Q: Why Reiki?

A: Reiki releases, restores, reconnects, and revitalizes leading to balance, wellness and healing.  


You start feeling better and to access your own healing wisdom.  You’re getting rest, gaining comfort, seeing your brilliance and cultivating a new view.  All of these come together through the healing touch of Reiki.  Anyone, anywhere can use the system of Reiki. 

Reiki heals and strengthens your pathways, think aura/chakras/meridians, with universal life force energy. The elements of Reiki slowly removes the layers of worry, fear, attachment, that cover our brightness, our true self.  Reiki activates your body's natrual ability to heal its self.    

Q:  How does Reiki work?

A:  When you cut your finger, it heals naturally.  Your body is constantly working to heal itself, no matter what.   Your heart and mind are seeking happiness.  Every single thing you do is reaching out for peace and happiness and to move away from discomfort or dis-ease.  When you are sick or upset, it drains your energy.  When your energy is depleted it opens the door to illness or emotional/mental disruption, making it more difficult for your body and being in balance.  


When you are in harmony, balance, and at peace you have a natural vitality. When you feel whole, vital, and peaceful you are naturally in balance and in loving kindness to all around you.  It’s not just your body or mental state that has been affected, you have improved the whole world.  

Q: Is Reiki For You? 

A:  Reiki is about being open and letting go, allowing your body to draw on the energy that is offered and to take what it needs. Reiki has helped people in all situations. Are you willing to invest in your health and well-being?   It happens, the unexpected. You don’t know how to work through it, you think you should, and what you have used in the past isn’t working this time.  You want to feel better. You know that your current reality can change and anything is possible. * Relax and rest your energy * Activates your body's natural ability to heal * Access or deepen your healing wisdom and spiritual connection * Clear purpose, feel more centered * Life crisis * Fatigue, stress, insomnia  * Women’s health * Men’s health * Chronic illness  * Anxiety * Grief  *Surgery *Pain within your body *Recovery from an injury *Cancer, chemo and radiation *Illness *Aging Reiki works in partnership with all medical or psychological care.

Q: How many sessions should I receive?

A:  Reiki sessions and their frequency are uniquely designed for you, your needs and healing intention.   Reiki is cumulative and during each session you are releasing, allowing your body, mind, soul to heal. If you wish to work on a specific issue or health problem, it is suggested to book three to four Reiki sessions. First, come along for one treatment to experience the healing energy of Reiki.  

Q: What is Distance Reiki?

A:  When you can’t make it into an in-person session distance Reiki is a great and effective option.  It can be especially helpful in emergency situations. 


One of the core concepts of Reiki healing is that we transcend our physical bodies. Our physical bodies have energy fields, energy centers, and energy pathways.  Just as our physical body ingests food for nourishment and energy, our energy body does the same.    Our energy fields allow the body to take in the energy, break it down, and carry the energy throughout the body. Distance Reiki sessions are effective since energy doesn't have a distance limit.   Our interconnectedness stems from the fact that we are all matter and part of a greater whole.  The practitioner can use the law to link up with the individual's energy field since each of us is made of energy and part of a larger whole.  

Q:  What happens after a Reiki Session?

A:  Drink water and listen to what your body needs. Some will feel a bit more tired than usual. When we are calm and relaxed, our state has shifted allowing our body’s natural healing to take place.  The energy of Reiki will continue accumulate following your Reiki session.  Continue to drink plenty of water as your body releases and moves deeper into alignment of your true nature.   If you are tired, rest.  Consider writing down your Reiki experience and the subtle adjustment and changes that you are noticing. 

Q:  How do I learn to give Reiki to myself and others?

A:  Reiki practice is easy to learn and to apply.   Reiki can do no harm.   Learning and using Reiki only brings you closer to your own spiritual connection and wisdom.  By taking a Reiki class, it “switches on” your innate ability to access the energy of Reiki and re-discover your unique truth and brilliance. 

I welcome the opportunity to visit with you and answer any questions that you might have about learning Reiki.


Q: What are the qualifications to teach Reiki?

A: From any style or lineage, if they are a Reiki Master they are qualified to teach Reiki. Choose your Reiki Master carefully and with clear intention, looking not only for a teacher who has the qualifications that you want, but also one that you feel confident with and have rapport with. Quality education follows a curriculum and ongoing support. Ask about their background, teaching, experience, classes and mentoring or group practice opportunities. They will welcome your inquiry. Check out my “About Ruth Ann” to learn more about my background, teaching, and experiences or contact me directly. You will learn both traditional Usui styles of Reiki and Usui/Holy Fire ® III. I welcome the opportunity to visit with you.

Q: When, where and how much?

A:  In-person Reiki treatments are available by appointment at 114 Pohl Road or through Distant/Virtual Reiki treatment.  

I offer a range of Reiki options uniquely designed for you to harmonize with your healing intention.   Give me a call or email and we can decide together what is the best way for you to begin.  


Sessions range in price based on the type of session.  Payments can be made by cash, check, or venmo.   

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